Searching for Romeo


Spending a little more time focusing on Rosaline and Paris than the Bard did over 400 years ago, Searching for Romeo brings the story to a more contemporary school setting and follows the lives and dreams of the two loves left behind by Romeo and Juliet. Searching for Romeo, was previously produced as part of the 2014 New York Musical Theatre Festival. A New York Times reviewer described it as "a teenage rom-com wrapped around a tragedy." Searching for Romeo presents a new rom-com (romantic comedy) take on Romeo and Juliet with a pop music score. With the playwright (Brian Sutton) literally in residence, this show could well be a perfect vehicle to reach out to our area high schools where more than 400 years after the fact, Romeo and Juliet is still avidly studied and oft performed.
  • University Theater, UWGB
    Green Bay
  • Saturday Nov 19, 2016
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